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Provider of a decision-support platform intended to support decision-making and reduce risk in agriculture.

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The platform combines in-situ monitoring and actuation with satellite and weather information to provide automated and fine-grained alerts, predictions and recommendations in real-time, enabling crop growers to optimise processes and generate superior outputs in the agricultural field.

make smart moves

Harness the power of satellite images.

At Netagrow, we fuel the healthy growth and profitability of farmers by helping them to make better use of their land. Our vision and weather data and services improve users' productivity and profitability through higher yields and lower inputs.

Add notes from the office or while field scouting.

Predict and Prevent crop failures.

Using the latest in machine learning technology, Netagrow identifies pests and disease at a scale far beyond the capability of humans. In use on over 300+ New Farms to date, Netagrow provides valuable information to deliver a better grow. Get peace of mind and save yourself time, money and stress with our automated farm monitoring system.

Sell directly to your customers

Store front

We offer an integrated solution to farmers, retailers and all other traders in the produce industry. We use machine learning and blockchain technology to streamline the whole process of selling your produce in store. Our platform cuts out unnecessary admin costs, eliminates the need for customer support and makes things much easier for farmers by optimising their farms for market conditions.

All the time, be aware of your business

Expenses and income

From a centralised trade platform and integrated inventory management system, to a powerful reporting dashboard, to accurate market intelligence, our software offers an efficient, easy to use and low cost integrated solution for buyers, sellers and farmer in the produce industry to manage their supply chain.

Keep your soil productive and profitable with NetaBot

NetaBot provides you with the most up-to date information on your farm, allowing you to make the most informed decision possible. Stores vital data such as soil moisture, pH and nitrogen levels. Use this device to track the health of your soil and prevent nutrient deficiencies or economically damaging crop failures.

Vendor App (Coming Soon)

We understand that you need to service your customers’ needs. We are here for you, being your best partner in a fast and reliable delivery of farm produce to customers around the clock.

Grow. Predict. Prosper

Leave the farm work to us. With a suite of tools, we can provide the best possible advice for your farm business.

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This is a no-brainer if you want to take your business to the next level. If you are looking for the ultimate toolset, this is it!.

Gabriel Martin - Owner small farm, Brazil

Thanks for creating this service. My company operations are so organized now. Thanks for making such a great product.

Emma Müller - Agronom ltd, Germany

Packed with awesome features. Exactly what I was looking for. I now sell my products online, simple as that.

John Smith - Independent producer, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Easily create your account, verify your email and you are ready to go. Add you fields, crops and start tracking expenses, weather reports, takes notes and sell online.

How I can sell online?

You can define your product listing. We will connect you with your payment provider. Soon as there is order, you will get email, or see it in the admin. Money go directly on your account.

Can I track more than 1 field

Yes, you can track more than 1 field.

How does weather system works?

Netagrow provides farmers with a wide range of services. We offer data analytics and visualisation, weather and crop forecasts, remote monitoring for farms, and other useful services. Netagrow also has an IoT-based NDVI system to efficiently manage large farms with many acres of land.

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